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Business, Marketing & Project Consulting

Shetney Wilvon offers unique business and marketing support with social entrepreneurship at its core. Working with a wide variety of business' including charities, community groups, Local Authorities to start-ups companies,  we develop projects designed to be profitable and that will benefit the local community. 

As an organisation we seek to help charities and other not for profit groups to develop business models that will support projects that are sustainable and capable of creating free reserves to facilitate new development.

The team here at Shetney offer a flexible service where they can work in house or remotely to manage or set up projects as a completely independent mobile team. Freeing you up to deliver your work, contracts and day to day with an experienced senior management team with no lengthy contracts. Quick, easy, affordable and reliable. It's that simple!" 


What we offer


CharitiesServices for charities / organisations

  • ‪Internal Audit
  • ‪Bid Writing
  • ‪Fundraising assistance
  • Events Management 
  • Section 44 Inspections (Childrens homes)
  • ‪Marketing
  • ‪End of year report writing
  • ‪AGM presentations / Project presentation
  • ‪Very Part time assistance – this can be as little as two hours a month by experienced personnel who work remotely and get those ‘annoying but necessary’ jobs done.
  • ‪(VPT Administrators, Accountant, Clerical)
  • Acting senior staff services, including Chief Executive, Operational and Project Management contract roles
  • Website design, brochure and poster design and campaign development 

trainingTraining and coaching

  • ‪Trustee
  • ‪Governance
  • Events Management / Conferences
  • ‪Administration
  • ‪Accounts management
  • ‪Internal audit
  • ‪Fundraising
  • ‪Marketing
  • ‪Mentoring of new or newly promoted team members
  • ‪Coaching for presentation work or board meetings
  • ‪Board meeting training for trustee boards


  • ‪Website Design, revamp, special project sites, information directory websites and much more
  • Events Management
  • ‪Publicity brochures and magazine
  • ‪Presentations and powerpoint
  • ‪Social Media Management and consultancy
  • ‪Marketing and Communication strategy documents
  • ‪Business plans

Shared Service Solutions

Shared services is the cost effective solution for any organisation who want to stretch their budget to be able to afford experienced administrators, accounts staff, fundraising team, bid writers, marketing support and website designers and directors.


Shetney Wilvon shared services provides you with the option of using members of our experienced team for as little as half a day a month. You simply engage us to provide the number of days support you require each month across the various service areas and we supply it from our central services office. This means we relieve you of the problem of contracts of employment, employer NI, holiday pay and of course there will be no need to arrange cover in the future for sickness or maternity leave.






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Contact us

If you would like to get in touch with the team then get hold of us by emailing:


Or CALL our team on 0208 432 0854

We would love to hear from you, our work team has a combined 68 years of charity, VCO and marketing knowledge it can draw on. So talk to one of us about how we could help you! ..."